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Thrills & The Chase is a São Paulo-based five-piece rock & roll act whose songs are purported to be (according to them) "classy, dirty and sometimes elegant." Their unabashedly rock-and-rolling sound displays blues and jazz influences and the band members themselves have described their subgenre as "Soundtrack Rock."

The band was formed in 2010 and is currently formed by Calvin Kilivitz (vocals), Louis Daher (guitar), Zé Telles (drums) and Claudio Guidugli (keyboard), joined by Fabio Machado (bass) on his first full-length release since joining the band in early 2017. All can be considered veterans of São Paulo's underground indie rock scene, being former members of bands such as Condessa Safira, Vampiros & Piratas, Bailen Putos, Éponge and The Midnight Sisters.

Starting with two EPs - "Introducing Thrills (and the Chase)" (2012) and "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things" (2014) along with a third EP containing reworked versions of previous tracks "The Naked Sessions Vol. 1" (2016), they have also released two full-length albums, "Original Monday Night Soundtrack" (2017) and “Thrills After Dark” (2022).

Thrills & The Chase 2018

"Thrills After Dark" is the name of the new album by Thrills & The Chase, available from August 2023 on the main digital platforms with the leading single ("Swinging Sideways") released in July 2023. The album was recorded independently in their hometown at Estúdio Aurora, produced, mixed and mastered by Carlos Freitas and Júlio Miotto.


The album presents a diverse soundscape which explores psychedelic settings, jazz-based rhythms and post-punk textures among the band's traditional self-described "Soundtrack Rock" displayed by their debut album "Original Monday Night Soundtrack" (2017).


This change in sound started with ideas and jam sessions from pre-pandemic times. It had to wait until it could be executed as intended by the band: all five musicians together, recording live at the studio, combining the sense of urgency from the first takes to as little in the way of overdubbing as possible.


The waiting period until recording started has definitely influenced the themes in the songs. "Thrills After Dark" is, too, the result of isolation in the most intense years of Coronavirus amidst a turbulent political period, punctuated by the personal losses of each band member.


Each track on "Thrills After Dark" has its own aesthetic, from the tempo changes on "Swinging Sideways" to the tribal beat of "The Cavalry", from the electrifying, glam-rock-inspired "A Special Place in Hell" to an epic conclusion on "St. Therese (Dark Night of the Soul)." It is, however, more than a collection of songs - although each track tells its own story, it is ultimately a tapestry of feelings; a journey that ends back where it begins.

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